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Hello everyone dunno if anyone checks this community anymore but i figured i would post an intro message here, and my latest project see if anyone is interested or still checking this group out... seems right up my alley, i tried some of the other DIY groups out there but they seem to be mainly for selling plastic jewlery back and forth and such... well anyways... here goes nothing...

So i didn't get much sleep last night, mostly cause i knew i had to be up early, and because i had a bunch of idea swirling around in mah head...

My father Picked up this Vintage 50'sish Floor Fan at The auction last night for $2 for me cause he thought it would be something i would be interested in and fixing up and taking apart (does he know me or what) so inspiration struck in the middle of the night and i spent a good portion of the morning turning this fan he picked up into something quite interesting i think.

If you would like to see how I turned This:

Into This:

The Start

Old, Dirty, and more likely than not, unsafe due to old crumbling wiring.

the chrome trim pieces are a bit rusty, and i only have 2 of the 4 i need, but i have future plans to replace them, for now after i clean these puppies up i'll just leave them on the front.

I ended up taking the ENTIRE unit apart into little pieces to remove every ounce of dirt and dust that i could, i soaked the main unit (minues all electrical components in a bathtub
with soapy water and gave it a good scrubbing. when old things like this and many other vintage furnishings get dust trapped in them the dust picks up musty nasty smells,
in my case i can't stand such things, so all traces of dust and dirt need to be removed... plus it helps with the whole re-painting thing i love to do to stuff... :)

The Finished Product:

Bam Bam, Bam, Hitting it with the spice Weasle

Check out the awesome Green i found, i know it doesn't match the greens in the fabric, but who cares, i was going for several shades of green and a brown or two in the finished product...
and besides too much of the exact same color = BOOORING. which hopefully this thing doesn't suffer from the broing disease.

Once Again I polished the Fans blade to a nice "Almost Mirror" like shine, and redid alot of the elctrical wiring as well as testing existing circuits to ensure the fans safety when it's in operation.

Check out that nifty pattern of fabric i found in the Fabric store, i got a couple of yards while i was there so if i feel so inclined i can make a matching lampshade or some throw pillows for the couch to match this badboy.

I will be replacing the buttons with fabric covered ones shortly... I just couldn't find anyone that carried the ones i was looking for on a saturday afternoon, so i made due with the chrome one i had for the time being.

And as always I would love to hear feedback and ideas about what you guys think, ect ect :)
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