Timaeus (neuromancer81) wrote in funkyfurniture,

A chair we have had at my parents house for years, i convinced my brother to let me reupholster it with the leftover fabric i had from the hassock fan i re-did the other week.

This was my first forray into serious upholstery work, most of the stuff i have done is more simple recoverings.
for this one i had to actually break out the patterns, pins and sewing machine to recover it.
It turned out pretty good i think for a first serious try, although i did learn some things, i would definatly do things differently next time.
i've got an almost exact duplicate of this at my parents house, but i'm definatly gonna find some new interesting fabric for the next one, getting tired of this pattern ;)

all coverings removed from the original chair... i added some extra padding to the original foam to make it a bit more comfortable... not that it wasn't pretty comfortable, i think it had the grand father of that "memory foam" stuff installed in it.

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Love it.

Course we've covered that I love that fabric. I'll take your leftovers if your tired of it. :) Mostly I'm kidding but I seriously would.

That chair looks awesome recovered. You do great work. I've lots of stuff I'd love to set you to work on. Some I think I could do. Some not so much.

I am much impressed with the new life you give old things. :)

Totally awesome. (Man that prolly dates me huh?)
hehehe, thank you very much :) I can't help it, i see old stylish things laying around and i just need to fix them up and use them, it's an addiction :)
and who knows, i need to make some throw pillows out of some of the leftovers, (i usually but several yards more then i need, in case i wan't to make matched furniture, ect) but if i have some left over after i'm done i'll let you know if you are still interested :)

I'm actually debating on getting my mom and dad picture phones for christmas, since my dad is always at auctions where vintage furniture goes cheap, and my mom is constantly going to yard sales, that way when they see something they think i would like they could just take a picture instead of trying to describe it, or having me drive all the way out to where ever for something that might not be worth it in the end, we'll see :)

thanks again!
I'm new to the community and I LOVE what you did! Sorry if this is a really old post.