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Retro Coffee Table Project

Just another project i wrapped up inbetween some others i have planned this month, since the others are waiting on a few more supplies and some more expendable cash i figured i would wrap this up, If you are interested, more pics and info behind the Cut.


A 50's Kitchen Table purchased for $10, was a bit too big to fit in the new apartment i'm moving into's kitchen,
but a bit too small to use as the dining room table, if i had the matching drop leaf, it may be a different story,
instead i decided to chop the legs in half and use it as a coffee table which i was desperatly in need of a good one...


you can kinda see the other roomates coffee table in the background, but not really compare, trust me
when i say it does compare, this one is sturdy and feels rock hard the otherone is light and flimsy and lacks
the space to do anything useful, with the older retro one i can now enjoy a decent meal, play cards,
draw or do what ever i please while watching the tv.


A nice profile Shot of it, before i Roped it down onto the back of the shot, i polished all of the chrome up,
it was spotted with rust all over it. I also soaped and scrubbed the whole table, as well as polished the
entire table top and sides  using carnuba wax, a nice little trick my father taught me, does wonders to table tops
and finished wood surfaces.


Removed all the Links and Mechanics for the slide effect for inserting the Drop Leaf since the original was missing,
Instead i replaced it all with a lighter, lower profile, but stronger, aluminum strapping system, trust me, this sucker
isn't going anywhere, and it's solid as a rock, more solid then it was before.

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